Friday, May 30, 2008

I think I love You

When I approached your counter I was hesitant. You were obviously very busy and to pass the time I walked over to the pigment samples. The new glitter one just begged to be looked at and I gently opened the lid. To my horror flakes of the glitter flew all over and a pretty representative (doing a make-over) looked at me strangely so I explained I wanted to see it's coverage on skin. She was nice enough but I put the glitter down. What can I say, if you ever need to distract me just place a shiny object in my line of sight.

I was about to walk away when the same representative looked up briefly to ask if she could help me. I told her I was looking for the Shadestick in Sharkskin, she directed me to the side where they had the testers/make-over ones. I saw two sharkskins and waited for maybe 10 minutes before she looked up again to see if I was ready.

I was sad when I requested and she said they had sold out. I told her I'd tried to get one online but they were gone there as well. I thanked her and she walked to remove the two tester tubes from the display. I saw her walk to the register and grab a small bag. What a shame to throw away such great product I thought.

She then turned and walked toward me and handed me the bag.

"Don't you go telling everybody now." She smiled.

"Oh my god, I think I love you." I said back. "Thank you so much!!!"

I walked out with two barely used sharkskin shadesticks. So that bad day at the MAC counter? Forget I ever said it!