Sunday, May 11, 2008

False Advertising

Buy one, get one free!

I was so excited. There was a sale at K-Mart. Buy one L'Oreal HIP product and get another free. I'd been waiting for a sale in something other than the drugstores (prices were a lot higher) so I hurried on over.

The eyeshadows were priced around the same as CVS and the eyeliners had no price listed. I grabbed two colors anyway since I'd shopped before and knew they were $10.99 each. I hurried to the register and watched as the cashier rang them up. I did a double take when I saw the first one scan...


The bastards had marked it up over two bucks. So basically, I was getting a deal but not the kind of deal I'd expected. I stood there for a moment debating on whether or not to tell the cashier never mind. After all, I could just go to CVS and pay $11.00 for one and save myself $2.59 and still get one free. But I figured with the costs of gas I'd break even anyway. So I forked over the cash and left a bit miffed over it all.

So for those of you like me who wait for sales to get deals, be sure to call ahead to find out how much they marked the stuff up just before the sale starts. You might be better off making your purchases someplace else.