Sunday, May 11, 2008

Proceed with Caution

Littlesunshine and Tania both responded to my Zoe entry. Understandably they were both upset by it. So am I.

The truth is, my Sister and I have always been so different. When Zoe was born I pretty much raised her. When I became pregnant with Arwen she was usually always with me. Then after Arwen she would come to stay here during the day, I got pregnant with Logan and it became too much. Not because Zoe was bad, rather because her Mother would never come pick her as promised. It was the norm to wait until 7-8pm to see her (Zoe was dropped off at 6-6:30 in the morning).

I've known about the way she is and I'd hoped the birth of my new niece would curve this constant travel. But still she's on the roads daily, dragging the kids with her. I knew she stayed out late (with the kids) and ate a lot of fast food. I just didn't realize how far out of hand it's become.

I'm trying to consider ways to go about this. I want to be calm and ready beforehand because I'm sure it will get nasty. I want to approach it without anger or finger pointing. I don't want to push her away but rather to show her how terrible it feels for her daughters.

I'm sure you'll be reading about what happens afterward.


Erin said...

Good luck, I hope everything goes well. My heart aches for those girls. That's no way to live out their childhood years :(

Lawfrog said...

One of the most difficult things is talking to a parent about their poor parenting skills. It has to be done and better it be done by you than someone from CPS, although it may come to that in the end.

I find it so very, very sad that these children are living like this. That is no way for a child to have to be. It makes me wonder...if she wants to go out shoot pool then why not get a babysitter? It's not that expensive to pay a teenager to watch the kids at night or what have you.

I get so upset with people who have children and then think they can continue their lives the same way they did before. Sorry, but once you bring a new life into this world, YOUR life changes. Yes, you can do a lot of what you used to do, but you need to make provisions for your children so they are not suffering.