Monday, May 5, 2008

The Mist

Few movies leave me after with nightmares and the jitters. For some reason, this one really did me in. I had repeated nightmares last night after viewing it. (Something about one of the beginning scenes set the tone, a Mother pleading for help...if you watch you'll know what I mean)

So if you get a chance, you might want to watch it. But warning ~ I watch nothing but scary movies and I'm not usually scared. Maybe I'm just getting soft in my age or maybe it was just the movie (something about movies where things 'could' happen and/or end of days just give me the heebie jeebies).

Jimbo said it was creepy to him but not to the extent it was to me. If you happen to see it, tell me what you thought.


Katherine said...

I'm totally freaked out right now...because we also watched The Mist last night!!

I didn't like it, it wasn't true to the original story (TOTALLY different ending, which I thought sucked).

The creepy buggy things did remind me of the rapture movie "A Thief In The Night" (my jr. high youth pastor showed us that and scared the crap out of us).

The mother in the beginning really pissed me off. She was stupid enough to leave her 8 year old in charge of her 2 year old, admits that her 8 year old is not capable of the task ("Sometimes she forgets that she's watching him"), and now expects everyone else to risk their lives to help her? I feel bad for the kids, but not the mom.

Obviously, she couldn't have predicted what happened in the movie (and it's not really a realistic concern), but what about if there had been a fire or if the 8 year old 'forgot' she was watching the 2 year old and the 2 year old got into the cleaning supplies?

I know it's a movie and all, but after the movie, we were watching CNN, and they had an in-depth report about the mortgage crisis and sub-prime loans and minority borrowers, and it was the same thing. The home buyers did something stupid and uninformed, and now it's everyone else's fault and someone needs to help them.

Anyway, the scary movies that scare me are the people going crazy and doing weird things to each other, because all I have to do is read the news to know that stuff can happen! Like that movie about the high school boys who traveled across the country and the one guy's girlfriend's kidnapped by a trucker (I think Joyride?).