Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nick and Hulk Hogan

This topic has the potential to be flame worthy. To preface it, I want to say this is just my opinion and everyone is entitled their own. With that said...

I'm sure many of you are aware of the car accident involving Nick Hogan and his friend John Graziano. Both young men had been drinking (Nick was 17 years old at the time, John 22). Nick was driving his Toyota Supra, John in the passenger seat, lost control and wrapped around a tree. Nick was wearing his seat belt which saved his life, John was not and is in a current vegetative state.

Nick was sentenced to 8 months in prison for his part in this and his father Hulk Hogan calls him often. Since we live in the day and age of the cyber paparazzi their phone calls have been shared with everyone via One of the conversations has many people in an uproar. I won't say much about it because I think it's a situation where you have to hear it to make an opinion.

You can listen HERE. After come back for the rest of my entry.

Now, the talk of reality TV shows aside, I want to bring up something that bothers me greatly about this entire situation. Where is the responsibility from John? Yes it's terrible he was hurt so gravely, I feel for him and his family. But he was old enough to know better than to drive around with a drunk 17 year old and better still old enough to know to wear a safety belt.

In Redneckville we have serious accidents often. I'm sure it's not just here but I'd prefer only to speak for fact about what I know, like Redneckville. I guess it's a southern boys and their booze, but I've seen some horrible accidents in my time. I've seen more than one with a sheet draped over a body and the jaws of life on the scene. This is why I will preach at my children. I will drill it into their brains the importance of driving only when sober and to always wear a seat belt. Ultimately, it will be their choices that protect them, not someone else's. They are responsible for themselves.

I can understand the reason people find what Nick said to be so shallow. But on the other hand I think people really need to step back and realize John might be in a better place had he made better decisions. No one can predict the future, one can only brace for the possibilities. This is another reason I always buckle myself and my children in, I don't know who is driving drunk on the roads with me as I'm on the way home. It's not about my driving it's about the driving of others I could come across.

I'd like to hear what you all think about this.


Lawfrog said...

I agree with you - it's a matter of personal responsibility, which both of these boys need to take for themselves. John should have chosen to wear a seat belt and should not have gotten into a car with a drunk driver.

Nick clearly should not have been drinking and driving. Both of these two need to take responsibility for their individual actions. They are victims of their own, very poor, choices.