Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mixed Signals

"They made fun of me Mommy!" Arwens face crinkled up at me as I was brushing her hair to get her ready for school.

"Who did?" I stopped brushing to look at her in the mirror.

"The other kids, you put me in my uniform yesterday and it was out of uniform day and we were supposed to wear pajamas!" She emphasized the last part.


Out of uniform days at school are a very rare treat and one Arwen really looks forward to. I mark each of them on the calendar and since they only occur every couple of months it's pretty easy to keep up with.

Last week we got a letter stating the school would have a 'student' principal and that May 30th was the set day for out of uniform PJ day. I marked it on my calendar. This morning I remembered the note and went digging and I found it. Boy am I pissed.

The date for out of uniform is obviously a typo because it says clear as day the girl will be principal on April 30th and she has decreed that May 30th will be out of uniform pajama day.
I feel pretty bad right now since my daughter was obviously picked on by other children because her Mom forgot it was out of uniform PJ day.

I'll be SO glad when she's in a public school next year. Then each and every day she can be the little individual I love. Out of uniform days? Who needs them.


JAMIE said...

I think you will find you have those SAME problems in public schools. Events such as pj day and normally organized by the school PAC. The women on the PAC are give their free time trying to set up some fun days. With an error in dates I wouldn't get so upset. Make the best ot it!!

Jaime said...


It's hard to make the best of it when these days are few and far between. Especially when it was a typo on the note sent home.

But I do think the new school will be better because having days to wear your normal clothes won't be an issue since she can wear whatever she wants to everyday.

Sorry, that's just how I feel. I'm really looking forward to the change.

Katherine said...

We have free dress day every Friday, and my husband still forgets sometimes!

I love uniforms, because everything matches and there's no arguments about what she's going to wear every morning. We have a special drawer and the lower closet rod for uniforms, and most of the time she can pick whatever uniform combination she wants (they have khaki or navy skirts/dresses/shorts/pants and white, navy or light blue polos/dress shirts)

Plus, we can order ours from French Toast, and if you get them on sale, it's cheaper than regular clothes. (I spent $100 for 5 dresses and 7 shirts)

Also, a lot of our public schools in CA have gone to uniforms too, because clothing was such a problem, i.e. kids would get teased if they didn't have the "right" brands, etc.

I can totally sympathize with the lack of communication/erroneous communication from the school though. It seems like 80% of the parents at our school have mom at home, which we can't afford to do, we both work full time, and most of the parent/teacher fellowship (like PTA) meeting are at like 11:00am, so it's hard to be involved if you work.

They're supposed to keep the website updated, the last update was in March. The office doesn't open until 7:30-7:45, even though drop-off starts at 7:00 and closes right after school at like 3:30-4:00pm, even though daycare goes until 6pm. At least her teacher's fairly good at returning email.

But I know it'd be 100x worse in a public school, at least where I live, and her education would significantly reduced, which is why we deal with it!