Friday, February 8, 2008

Questions for the Day

Each day I'm bombarded with numerous questions. Some of them are obvious, some easy, some so out of this world I have zero clue. I've decided to share with the blogosphere.

The obvious:

Why do you have to brush our hair?

The Easy:

What's That?

The Zero Clue:

Mom, why is that bad guy in the Swan Barbie movie so mean did someone hurt his princess?

There are also days when I'm stuck in the van with my dear sweet daughter for more than 30 minutes and during this time, I'm swamped. I literally blogged in my mind today as I drove and she questioned away.

Mom, have we been on this road before?

Mom, isn't that the big Peter Pan movie song? (upon hearing Clocks by Coldplay which is in the trailer to the Peter Pan movie, its a preview on a tape they watch)

Mom, I bet those people like driving on the road today, don't you?

Mom, can we stop and get ice cream?

Mom, why do we have to drive the Van? Why does Daddy drive the truck?

Mom, when do I get to sit in the front?

Mom, when we get home can I play my game?

Mom, do you think my brothers are in my room?

Mom, where is the office at, why can't you find it, why not? You don't know the way? You said we were going to be late right? Will they get mad at you for being late? Is this the building? Can we sit here?

And then...

Can I play with that toy? Why are there old people seeing my doctor Mom? Can I sit in the other chair? What's in your purse? Can Zoe stay the night? Ask if she can ok? Can she be there today when we get home? What is....

And even now it continues. It's so true what they say, little girls love to talk. But even more so, they LOVE to ask questions.


Susan said...

I have to admit - sometimes I just have to say "I'm taking a break from talking for a few minutes so you'll just need to think to yourself for a while". It works for about 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I think your daughter needs a mute button too. :) Julia is the same way and some days I wish I could turn her off... if only for a minute. :) Love the blog entry new header!