Thursday, June 12, 2008

When it rains...

We've had a stroke of bad luck recently and it just seems to keep going...

The air conditioner isn't just broken, it's totally beyond repair. We are looking at 3,000 dollars worth of new equipment and labor.

The siding continues to deteriorate. It's beyond any hope and it's going to cost 25,000 dollars plus to replace and pay for the labor.

Jimbo's truck still isn't running, he will have to continue driving the Camry. We were so happy to have a fully paid off vehicle with under 100,000 miles...but it's at 94,000 now...

The kiddos need new clothing, which means $300-500 dollars is immediately gone from our stimulus check. When you add the $1000 we've decided to put back for the children's Christmas and the $500 for new school clothing and supplies - that leaves nothing over.

Both of the vacuum's have died. The house has been growing filthier by the day and now we have to buy a new one.

The internet has been on the blitz and finally died yesterday. We had to have someone from our DSL company come out. Since it was from our end (router not directed to the PC) we have to pay a $75 service charge.

The virus that my other hard drive got? Well it's NASTY and I may or may not get my pictures off of it before it's reformatted. This is totally my fault for not backing them up on CD and I could slap myself.

I'm having to struggle with the decision to go ahead with the MMR vaccine for both Annabel and Logan (his second round). I know people say there is no link to autism and the vaccinations but when you have an autistic child..any risk is a risk I'm not willing to take.

I feel so out of control and overwhelmed. It's hard not to worry. I've discussed getting a job but the truth is we live so far out of town that anything part-time won't even break the surface in terms of helping out.

I hope there is a light just over the horizon for us. We really need it. My saving grace has been my wonderful Mom (first by marriage, then by love) who graciously picked up the children (with the exception of Bella) so I could have some time for myself. She also gave Jimbo and I a O'Charley's gift card and one for the movies so we can go out tomorrow (we will drop the baby off). Her presence in my life reminds me that no matter how bad things are, they are worse for someone else and to be grateful for what I have.


Erin said...

:( **HUG!!!!** I'm so sorry all this is going wrong for you. I'll be hoping and praying that things start to look up for you and your family!! Just take it one day at a time, that's all you can do. I know how it feels to have one thing after another go wrong. Email me if you ever need to talk :)

Tania said...

I'm so sorry all this has just snowballed onto you! I don't know why one bad thing has to lead to another....I've experienced it as well. When all this is over with, you'll have nothing but good luck for a while! Hope it passes fast and you get some relief! {{{hugs}}}

Jaime said...

Hey Guys ;)

You two, thank you. I do have a bit of good news kind of. We contacted TVA about our AC unit as they have a program you can apply for and they will replace your unit with a new energy efficient one and you can just pay for it with your utility bill each month. Basically the energy saved pays for the unit (or so I hear).

Well we applied (40 bucks to apply and another 40 to have someone come out) but we were approved! Huge relief there.

So that is good. We are talking about paying off the van with our taxes this next year and then taking care of the siding. I'm crossing my fingers.

This place is the money pit!

Spook, RN said...


Ein Ungluck kommt selten allein (German for: "Bad luck seldom comes alone". In other words "when it rains, it pours").

Dang! Running a household and raising a family is hard enough without having to be saddled with additional hassles! You certainly have my sympathies!

Now, I don't claim to be an "expert" in computers - but I do a fairly decent job with 'em. I've been around 'em since I was 5 and one of my part time jobs in college was as a consultant for the university's IT department.

If you ever have ANY questions or issues with your computer and if you don't mind sharing your grief with me, drop me a line at:


Just replace the words in the []with their phonetic alphabets (or numbers) ;-)

Hope things get better soon! :-)