Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Birds

For the last 5 years or so we've had birds come to nest in the same exact location in our garage. We keep the door open every year because of this and I noticed a Momma bird a few days ago laying on her eggs. When she flew away I took a peep and I made out 5 little speckled eggs inside.

Well today Arwen and I got to witness some of them hatch! This is the first time we've ever seen them actually come out of the egg. I rushed inside to grab my camera. The picture below shows the egg splitting in you look.

Another reason I adore living so far out in the country. Sure it sucks when you want fast food or need an ingredient for dinner but you can't beat benefits like this.


Tania said...

Aww how cute! We were lucky enough to have a hummingbird make her nest one one of our hanging lights on our patio. She had two little babies. One day she started to kick one out of the nest--my husband kept trying to push the baby back in the nest, but when we got back home form work that day, he was on the floor:( I hope your little guys make it!

Jaime said...

Hey Tania ;)

I hope so too. So far each year they all make it BUT this year there is one difference..the stray cat we adopted, Toby.

We plan on keeping a close eye but we're worried. I hope he leaves them alone.

Erin said...

How neat!! I think it's so nice that you leave the garage door open for the birds to do this. I don't know many people besides myself that would do that!