Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a deal!

As we were driving home from my MRI Friday I noticed tons of tables set up from various people selling goods off the side of the interstate. I love a good bargain so I looked at the window as we passed to see if anything caught my eye from the road.

Right as we were about to turn off I saw it. I made Jimbo pull in (which he wasn't too keen on, he doesn't enjoy yard selling or second hand things the way I do) and got out to ask how much. When I was told 5 dollars I couldn't pass it up.

Not only is it a fun toy that the children love but it's in perfect working order. It plays songs, the door creaks when opened, the mailbox says "you have mail!" when you open it, the porch light comes on and off, the doorbell still rings, you name it, it still does it. The only drawback are the little shape pieces that fit into the door are gone but who needs more stuff like that in a toy filled house like ours anyway?

I brought it home and cleaned it up, the kids just love it. You can't beat a deal like that!