Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today was the annual company picnic. We loaded up the kids and took off this afternoon in what we hoped would be a fun family day. For the most part, that is what we got, with one noticeable exception...the freaking redneckville HEAT.

Oh my dear god. I broke my "no shorts" rule and purchased some capri's the night before. It marked the first time in years I've worn anything other than pants out (another topic for another day) and it's a good thing too or I'd never have made it.

The one thing I have to blog about though is the poor little girl in the blue harness. She was perhaps 3 years old and was strapped into a blue harness that wrapped around her chest and shoulders. On the back was a clasp and this was attached to a blue leash. On the other end was the girls Mom. Now I realize some people like the child leash but it reminded me of a woman on a walk with her dog. This Mom would walk a decent distance ahead of her child and then pull on the leash. The little girl would stumble at times and do an odd jog to catch up only to fall behind and be tugged at once more. I finally snapped a picture to share with you all. Let's hope they never read my blog!

After we were finished we packed back into the van and rushed to Hell-Mart to pick up the things necessary to bake an apple pie (Jimbo's request for Father's Day). While there I got stuck in a 20 minute line and by the time I made it to the Van Jimbo handed me the camera with one instruction:

"You have to watch this, I recorded it while you were gone."

the kids were screaming
their heads off I pretty much knew what it was he wanted me to see. I have to say I'm so glad I was the one that went inside the store.


Tania said...

I always hated those child leash things because it reminded me of walking the dog. Children aren't dogs! I just saw one yesterday after not having seen one for a while. I felt sorry for the child because (1) she was on leash and (2) it was frickin' hot out! She pretty much had her back covered with a stuffed animal and it was over 100 degrees out, plus I was at an outdoor shopping center!