Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm sure you all know of one. A person who has no interest in you until their own life goes down the toilet, a crisis erupts, a heart is broken, or some other negative thing has happened in their life. Then suddenly they show up, giving the pity party, expecting you to embrace them and offer up yourself because suddenly you are "worthy".

So don't be surprised when you look around one day and I'm gone.


Spook, RN said...

[QUOTE]expecting you to embrace them and offer up yourself because suddenly you are "worthy".[END QUOTE] I'm sorry, I know you didn't mean your entry to be 'funny' - but that part of your quote cracked me up.

Imagine it being said in some kind of dignified, guru voice - "because, you are worthy" - except you know that the person saying it is neither dignified nor a guru!!!

LMAO! If I had a dime for the number of times ...

ah well. Forget about it.

By the way, I DID notice it many moons ago but never did comment upon it*. Your headline graphic has changed - your husband no longer is at the head of the flock... it's you!

As it rightly should be! This is about YOU, yourself and your family.


*--- Please don't say "I didn't expect you to, you're male after all!". LOL! I did notice it but just didn't think of commenting till now.

I guess it could still be classified as "Typical Male Behavior", huh? :-p

Jaime said...

Hey There ;)

I can see how it is funny and I'm actually glad you pointed it out, humor is much better than anger. I'll take it one anyday over the other.

The banner was initially made as a "joke" a long time ago and I put it up on the blog when I started it. But when the children got bigger I decided to update it and asked myself, "why is he up at the top??" LOL!

You're so right about hearing the story a million times about people. I guess as long as I keep being so forgiving I should just expect it.

One day I have GOT to grow a backbone!