Friday, June 20, 2008

Any Ideas?

For the last couple of weeks nursing Annabel has been more difficult than usual. Not because she doesn't want to nurse or because I'm having issues feeding her but rather because she's started doing something I have no idea how to stop.

When she ate before she would always run her free hand along my shirt and breast. But lately she has started grabbing onto the skin and clawing it with her fingernails. At first I would tell her no, then I would hold her hand (she would stop eating and fuss when I do this) and finally I'd try to cover the skin so she couldn't scratch me anymore. But she continues to do this each time she eats without fail.

Yesterday when she scratched me I almost jumped from my skin it hurt so badly. I felt the area and was shocked at the enormous lump there. I hurried upstairs to the bathroom to look and to my shock I had this nasty knot that looked infected, surrounding it of course were numerous scratches.

I know most of the people who visit don't have children they are currently breastfeeding but I'm open to any suggestions or ideas on what I might do to break her of doing this. I'll be nursing her for a few months still and I have to find a way to show her this isn't acceptable. She is only 11 months old so she's not old enough to grasp "no".

Today I'm going to try putting a baby sock on her hand and see if that works.


Nikki said...

I kept a chunky-beaded necklace nearby to put on if I needed to to keep her little hand occupied.

Jaime said...

Oh that's a wonderful idea Nikki! I'll try that today, thank you!

Erin said...

I was going to suggest sort of what nikki did, try giving her something else to play with to keep her little hand occupied. A sturdy chunky necklace is a good idea!

Tania said...

Ouch! I hope the necklace idea works for you!