Friday, June 13, 2008

What Gives?

Ok ladies. You know who you are. I'm asking for all of us who see you and think three things:

1. How in the world do you get it so high?

2. Does it move when the wind blows?

3. How many cans of hair spray did it take?

What is up with the rat's nest, curled beyond curled, teased beyond teased, permed beyond permed hair? Is it refusing to let go of the past? Do you think what looked good on you as a teen still looks good on you as a 30-40 something? Is it that you're a permanent child of the 80's? What is this hold that big hair has over you?

You're next guys, don't think you're out of the woods yet! What gives with the mullets? Do you think that business in the front party in the back cut is still appealing to the Nelson loving "Only time with tell" singing girls from your studly hayday?

What gives?


Lawfrog said...

LOL! I wonder about people and their hair sometimes...not just the big hair, totally responsible for the hole in the ozone layer sprayed hair, but also people who never cut their hair. They let it go gray and hang down their back never even cutting the split ends. I don't care that someone lets their hair go gray, but at least cut it every now and again.