Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cellphones are the bane of Society

I have had it. Enough is enough.

I don't go to the movies to be surrounded by teens who are nowhere near the age of 17 yet walk right up and get tickets to the rated R movie "The Strangers". Whatever happened to carding people? Or being accompanied by an adult. I should have known it was only bound to get worse.

We got decent seats and waited for the movie to start. I noticed 90% of the audience looked to be well under the 17 age requirement with nary an adult in sight. The lights dimmed and the movie started when the cell phones suddenly popped out all around us.

You know, I don't know why people think they are so fucking special. Do they believe that movie patrons don't mind that they are ruining a show with their blue cell phone lights flashing in our eyes? Obviously some of them have some shame as they cover the phones with jackets or purses. If they do this then I would imagine they have some clue that the light is a distraction to others. Yet I got to watch my movie, intended to be viewed in absolute darkness, with the blare of cell phones instead.

When the movie was over I started to complain LOUDLY.

"I love paying good money to watch people text message! I consider that a good $12 well spent!"

At one point as we were walking out a teen whipped out her phone and started texting.

"See," I poked Jimbo and pointed. "Whatever happened to actually hurrying home to see what messages you have on something called an answering machine?"

Just as I said it, the teens Mother pops out her cell phone and begins texting herself.

"Welp, that explains it! Like Mother like daughter!" I say this loud enough for the Father/husband to look over at me. I glared at him until he turned away. Good thing, he can't defend the guilty can he?

This is what is wrong with our society today. Kids who have zero respect for others and instead have a sense of entitlement. Of course they do, they are learning by example.

I've told Jimbo I want to buy a cell phone jammer. I think it would be money so well spent. I'd love to just attend movies to watch the utter chaos that would erupt when people couldn't text message during a show. Now that would be entertainment!


Erin said...

That bugs me but not as bad as talking. People talking REALLY pisses me off. Or people putting their feet on the back of my seat so it can't recline. I've given many a dirty looks and made many snide remarks over those things. It's almost not fun to go to a movie anymore unless you're going to see a movie nobody else wants to see so you don't have much company in the theater!