Thursday, June 19, 2008

Break my Neck

I'm so thankful that Annabel was napping and not in my arms when this happened. I've complained about the set of stairs in our home more than once. Besides the fact they are terrible on my knees they are also very steep and potentially very dangerous. I travel up and down them several times each day as our bedrooms are located all the way at the top and the playroom is located all the way at the bottom of them. I'd say I go up and down each set at least two dozen times a day.

Annabel had just fallen asleep and I laid her on the pallet before heading on up to check on the kiddos. I'd been listening to them on the radio and figured they'd be done with lunch (they had a mini picnic in Arwen's room while watching her play Zelda). When I got up there I noticed Jelly on the sheets so I pulled them off to put into the wash.

I'm not sure what I tripped on or if I slipped. One minute I was walking down, the next I was flying. I felt my hip hit around the same time the side of my head took a thump. I kind of tumbled the rest of the way down. After I'd cleared the stars from my eyes I sat still, my hip and head aching. I stood slowly and moved around. Thank god nothing appears broken and all I have to show for the fall is a knot on the side of my head and a slight limp.

Clumsy people and stairs are NOT a good combination. I hope I can manage to stay alive until we can move.


Tania said...

OMG I hope you're ok! That sounds like it was a nasty fall! From one clumsy person to another, I feel your pain! Take it easy now ;)

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I hope you're okay!! Goodness it sounds like you really fell hard! I'm really clumsy as well...I'm getting really nervous about moving to our new place where we'll have two stories!