Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Losing Day


I signed on for this, I keep telling myself over and over. It's been a non-stop battle of wits. Mom v/s Children. Mom fighting the good fight but losing ground.

I've been struggling with the snacks and when it was finally (read blessedly) time for nap I took the boys upstairs. Sadly the A/C is on the blitz...AGAIN.

For a quick update on this our A/C unit hasn't been right since we've owned the house. We broke down last month and paid someone to come out to evaluate it. We had the cash to pay to have it fixed but were told not to worry, they did something to hold it over until the summer so that we wouldn't be out money to fix it twice (in other words, pay double for a non-warranty coil). Well that lasted maybe 2 weeks and I had to call them back out here as there was no A/C again.

I called ahead of time for an estimate, I'm not stupid and we only have so much money. A different tech comes out, says he is calling the company to see "what's what" and he'll let me know what's going on. He knocks on my door 15 minutes later to tell me he charged the freon and handed me a bill for $100 over my quote. I refused to pay it and he informed me I had 30 days to pay it or to have my system replaced and that amount would count toward it.

Funny thing about it was when I told him my quote he got ugly about it, essentially calling me a liar. So I whipped out my previous statement and he then told me that the previous tech had "assessed the problem wrong" and he "didn't know why". That gives me TONS of faith in the integrity of these people.

So anyhow. I take the boys up to nap, hoping I can get one myself. Annabel hasn't been allowing me much rest and I'd hoped to snag even just 30 minutes of zzzz's. Lo and behold, Arwen comes into the bed with us. Fine, I tell her, just be quiet so we can nap. Instead she begins messing with Annabel and ultimately wakes her up.

I attempt to take my nap for 20 more minutes, most of the time walking back into the boy's room to settle them down, until I came to the the conclusion it was a lost cause. I grabbed the baby and walked downstairs when I heard it.


I took off running up the stairs, two at a time. I rounded the top and busted into the bedroom. Logan was bent over in obvious pain.

"What's wrong??" I started looking him over.

"Back Mommie." Logan began to babble. It's hard to understand him when he's emotionally upset and his language is still choppy as his vocabulary is limited. But I finally "got" that his injury was on his back and that it was inflicted by Vincent scratching him. He has a nasty puckered red and blue blood blister, thanks Vince.

So now they are both in the basement as I struggle to stay awake. Of course as we walked down they stopped in the kitchen, "snack!" and when I said no they began to tantrum.

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