Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat Wave

We have a lovely above ground pool situated around our wrapping deck in the back of the house. It was well used and adored before the children got a bit older and our parental concerns kicked in.

We decided to drain the pool until the children were older (and perhaps lessoned from swimming lessons at the Y).
But the heat is terrible this year and the kids LOVE the water so we decided to purchase a little mini pool to keep them cool under the sun. We have two decks here, both enclosed. One is on the back of the house (where the other pool sits drained) and off the side where the basement is located (we placed this mini water paradise here). I'm grateful we had the insight to close them off now.

The only drawback I've found is the constant bickering between my children over the various water toys. I suppose this will happen with anything they play with now as it seems they are constantly at one another's throats. That is one thing I dreaded about having so many children, so close in age.


Spook, RN said...

The one honest regret I have about my childhood (and adolescence and even my young adulthood) ???

Not being able to relate to my only sibling - my older brother. He is 7 years older than I am. My parents didn't "plan" it that way - it just happened the way it did.

But growing up, there was many a time when I wished I had someone closer to my age to understand what I was going through.

My brother and I are trying to patch our relationship today. It's hard - especially after 10 years of ill-will. But I guess it's something...