Monday, June 2, 2008


Friday we did something for the first time as a whole family...we went out to eat in a restaurant. Ok technically we went to dinner at Pizza Hut but still, we took all the kids and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. I was so pleased as all of the kids were on their very best behavior. They sat patiently and colored on their papers until the pizza arrived. We left a 20% tip and I'm sure the waitress was pretty happy as it was easy money.

On to today. I'm disappointed to report that the alloted snack times are not working out so well. As soon as a snack is finished I immediately get asked for more. On one hand I don't mind giving snacks as we eat pretty healthy around here. Sure we have chips and snack cakes but usually we eat bananas, strawberries, yogurt or popcorn. Unfortunately however the cost of gas has really hit us hard. We paid $60 to fill up the van Friday. That's $10 more than our norm and considering we'll probably have to fill it again next week that's a $20 increase. This means we have to be more conservative with things and that includes cutting back on feeding snacks to my piglets.

I've decided to give snacks 3 times per day and the major snack I've decided on is popcorn. This way I can give a snack about an hour after breakfast, another an hour after lunch (before nap) and another when they wake from nap. I know they are not starving if they get these small snacks and hopefully they will learn that these are the only times I am giving into requests. I also have to teach them that snack times doesn't mean endless snacks. Logan is terrible about asking for a yogurt, wolfing it down and wanting another...and another...and another. Logan can go through roughly 10 yogurts per day if I'd let him. He loves them more than anything else.

Annabel has been difficult as of late. At night she doesn't sleep well and therefore I don't sleep well. At first I thought she might be coming down with the same bug I have but I found out today the cause of her discomfort is from cutting her top teeth. They are trying to come through and this means now more than ever she has to start on some solids. I hope to break some ground with her in the coming weeks.

Otherwise the day has been awesome. I'm waiting for my luck to run out!

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Woo-Hoo! I'm on top, wonder how long that will last?!?


The Myers Family said...

That is a great idea on the snacks! I'm going to have to try that one! My girls could eat snacks ALL day a matter of fact the minute they get up they run to the snack drawer and yell "nack nack"! It drives me crazy! Then, if they don't like what i give them..they just chunk it on the floor. Drives me crazy..but i don't know what to do b/c it's either that or 2 babies crying at my feet...while my poor 4 year old sits back and waits patiently! UGH!