Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Happening

This was the picture we decided to see last night. We arrived a full 45 minutes early and good thing, the theater filled quickly and before we knew it, staff came inside and asked us all to move as far to the left as possible because the show was completely sold out!

I have to say, this movie was very good. But I'm a Shyamalan fan. Jimbo liked this one but he disliked all but The Sixth Sense from him. It's very suspenseful, has some cringing realistic gory moments, and keeps you on your seat. It also has some humor here and there to have you laughing which proved a relief at times.

The only drawback I could find is there is never truly an "explanation" of why the Happening happens. But for me, that's the good part. It keeps you thinking about the movie long after you've left your seat.

Speaking of gore. The gentleman who addressed the patrons had this to say to parents and I wanted to stand and applaud:

"To those parents who have brought with them young children, I've been told I have to inform you this movie depicts 150 suicides. So this isn't the best movie material for them to watch."

Of course, the two people I saw with children (around 6-10 years of age) stayed firmly in their seats to watch.

Oh and I have to mention this. We got a $25 gift card to O'Charley's from Mom. We went to eat beforehand and I have to tell was the worst food I've ever eaten in my life. The steak tips on rice pilaf (with mushrooms and Moz cheese) was so greasy I took 3 bites and couldn't eat anymore. It was bland and disgusting. My loaded baked potato was even worse. The only saving grace were the rolls and salad but around 15 minutes after we were done I found myself in the bathroom, sick as a DOG.

I won't be going back there.