Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Brothers and Baby Sisters

Vincent adores her. Each morning without fail he comes into our bedroom and the question is always the same; "Where's Annabel?" He then comes into the room where she is usually in the bed with me nursing and he'll climb up to wait patiently to kiss her and pat her gently on the head.

After we come downstairs and eat breakfast he will motion for me to place Annabel on the blanket and then he will run to gather his toys which he brings back to her. Then he'll sit down and play for the next hour, handing her various things and trying to make her smile. It's a joy to watch.

I knew my children would be close but I can tell you with all sincerity that I can see this huge bond between my two youngest. They always seem to seek one another out and it amazes me just how gentle a 3 year old little boy can be with a 10 month old baby.

I had to share this picture I just snapped, she has 4 teeth now!! I can hardly believe how big she is.


Lawfrog said...

That is so sweet and so wonderful. I am the youngest of four and I am not close with any of my siblings. It's always made me a bit sad. I love to see brothers and sisters who get along and genuinally care for one another.