Sunday, June 1, 2008

You just don't get it

I've got some sort of bug. It's given me cold chills, diarrhea, a headache and all around funkness. I've been in the bed riding it out most of the weekend and just got out of the bed a short time ago today.

I get downstairs and my Mom calls. I tell Jimbo to tell her I'm still asleep. I don't feel like dealing with her at the moment. I hear him begin to tell her over and over again that he is caring for all 4 children as I don't feel well. This goes on for maybe 3 minutes before he gets off the phone.

"You know what she wanted??" he asks me. "She didn't even ask if you are ok, no sir, she wanted me to watch Zoe for her."

"What?" I'm not really surprised but I have to ask.

"Yeah, I told her I had all the kids and I couldn't handle 5 alone and she just kept saying over and over, "Zoe just loooves it out there and she wants to come visit sooooo bad", trying to make me feel guilty. I told her no twice before she took the hint."

A couple of hours later the phone rings. I reach for it and answer.


"Hey, look I called Jimbo earlier and I just needed you to confirm to Zoe that you are sick and Jimbo said he couldn't watch her."

"You need to confim WHAT?" I ask back.

"That she can't come out, that I'm not lying about you being sick."

"Wait a minute, you HAVE to CONFIRM to a child that what you say doesn't go?? Yes I am sick, no Jimbo cannot watch her today."

"That's all I needed."

She hangs up the phone. She doesn't ask if I'm ok or how I'm feeling.

She didn't call to confirm shit. She knows I can't say no and that I always give in. Unfortunately for Zoe, I feel like crap and cannot watch her today, forcing me not to offer to let her come out.

My Mom pisses me off so badly.