Thursday, June 5, 2008

Broken Record

I've repeated myself over and over today...

It's been a struggle. I will never understand why my children refuse to listen until my patience has been worn string thin and I finally warn them in 'that' voice. You know the one I'm talking about. They know when they hear that side come out it's serious business. This is all well and good but it leaves me in a foul mood that is hard to shake off. It has the ability to ruin my day completely, sometimes even reaching well into the evening.

So far this week: Logan and Vincent have begun fighting constantly with one another. Vincent has become a cry baby, Arwen has become boss-eena, and Logan has started getting up in my face when I tell him no (when he requests more and more snacks) and repeats which snack he wants over and over, louder and louder.

So today goes to the kids.

On another note, I purchased a monthly dry erase calendar which lays everything out for the day (what activites, dinners, etc). I'm hoping this helps ease some of my stress. Oh and I colored my hair. It's now RED and I do mean RED. I tried to capture it in a picture but I need one in the sun. I'll try to get one when it comes back out again.

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Lawfrog said...

You haven't updated your blog in a few days? The kids didn't kill you did they?;)