Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's it's Like

I'm pulling a mattress down into the basement since the AC is on the blitz again. I'm at the bottom of the stairs tugging when:

Arwen - "Mom,when are you going to hook up my video game, you said you would!"

Me - "Gee Arwen, let me get right on that!"

I'm helping Logan wipe after using the potty, when:

Vincent - "Momma! Come here Momma!"

Me - "I'm busing wiping a butt at the moment, give me a minute!"

I'm getting drinks together when:

Logan - "Mommie, want chips!"

Me - "I'm getting your drink right now, one thing at a time!"

I'm feeding Annabel when:

Logan - "Poopie Potty Mommie!"

Me - "Ok I'm coming!"

I'm typing this entry when:

Arwen - "Momma, Vincent is writing on the walls!"

Me - "WHERE?!?"

Yep, today definitely goes to the kids. Hands down. I'm under manned here..

Summer Scoreboard:



Tania said...

It sounds tiring! Is there some sort of day camp at your Y? I remember when I was younger my mom would put my brother and I in "Superstars." We had a blast there and I'm sure my mom appreciated the time to herself! But I think it's only for 5 and up. Hang in there!

I just tried checking out "Twilight" at my library, but their only copy is in Spanish! I laughed....that would probably take me a year to read, considering my fluency!

Lawfrog said...

I think we need to take up a blogger collection so that next year, we can send all your kids to summer camp and you to a spa;)

Jaime said...

You two are so sweet! Currently there is no way to take the kids to any summer classes. The cost of gas has risen so much that it costs probably 10 dollars to make a trip into and out of town (in my van, the Camry gets much better mileage).

Soon though, soon!