Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm not crazy, I swear

The Cook's pest control people must thing I'm a crazy woman. First I was busted dancing around and singing practically naked and now I've been observed yelling at the top of my lungs at my well behaved angels.

Here's how it went down. I had meat from Friday in the fridge that had to be stored today. I brought everyone to the middle floor, placed Annabel in her baby seat and got to cleaning and packing. This is a process that usually only takes 20 minutes or so, depending on what I have to freeze. Today it was just pork and big deal.

So as I was washing the pork the kids started. First it was running around the circle the middle floor creates. Then it was yelling at each other, then it was tag. I know from past experience this will lead to injury.

"Please stop running!" I yelled out and continued putting the pork chops away.

By the time I'd finished the first bag I'd requested nicely that they stop 4-5 times. I cleaned my hands and intercepted them midrun. I got down on their level and asked again before returning to finish up the pork. When I was done I started on the chicken.

Now, I hate cleaning chicken to freeze. It stinks and I'm terrified of raw chicken contamination. So I don't like to be pulled away with my nasty hands to tend to my little heathens. Of course they went buck wild during this time so I did what any respectful and well meaning Mother does. I yelled and I yelled and yelled some more.


Finally I realized the chicken would have to wait. I washed my hands clean and as I was wiping them off I yelled a warning;

"Here I come, you're about to get busted!"

I rounded the corner when I saw him. On the back porch, well within earshot to my yells was the pest control man.

I noticed after the last fiasco a new man was dispatched to take care of all our insect needs. I wonder if this one will request reassignment to.

I just love my children, thanks guys.