Monday, June 9, 2008

Before my Eyes

She still cries to communicate, requires breastfeeding to keep her full, wakes up several times a night to eat and cuddle, fits perfectly in my arms, and smells heavenly.

But she also is crawling, reaching, laughing, saying Mama and Dada. She has recently cut her top two teeth meaning she now has four teeth all together.

I know she is still a baby so why does my heart start to ache as if she's already grown? Is it natural to feel this way? I know people say they would keep their children babies forever if they could so it isn't just it?

One thing is for certain, whether I'm prepared or not, hopefully she will continue on course as she grows first into a little girl and then into a young woman. Time passes by quickly but I'm sure my children will always be my babies. No matter how big they grow.

But it's not all bad. Last week Vincent started calling me "Momma" instead of "Mommie" and for some reason it just makes me melt. Some changes are good, I just have to find ways to embrace them.


Lawfrog said...

They will always be your babies. I'm 32 years old, my mother's youngest child. I'm still her baby in her eyes and I still need my mommy at times:) That never ends no matter how old your kids get.

Erin said...

Hailey has started doing that, she so sweetly calles me Mama and Dan she calls Dada and it just melts my heart! Last night at dinner Dan looked at me after she called him Dada and he told me he loves it when she calls him I guess he feels the same way about it I do :) So so sweet :)