Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Serve

I'm addicted to reading several types of blogs. I love Mom blogs for obvious reasons, medical blogs as I aspire to be a L&D nurse, and finally, restaurant/waiter/waitress blogs because I used to be a server.
Reading the serving blogs really takes me back. I worked in a privately owned video store during college and directly next door was a popular wings joint (that has now grown into a mini chain in our area). The owner of the wings joint came in to rent movies often (I would hold new releases for her and the family) and when we spoke I would often talk about my strained finances, being a poor college student. She offered me a job on several occasions and I declined each time but the day came when I could no longer afford necessities like coffee and I relented.

The job wasn't so bad. It was fast paced and you had to learn quickly and adapt or be left behind. I caught on fairly well and was lucky because the clients from the video store became my 'regulars'.

As with anything there was a downside and it was simply that I worked in a "Wings" restaurant that offered a daily lunch "special" consisting of all you can eat wings (just ask any server the hell the word "special" involves). Lunch was always packed, and customers ran a large gambit. We had men in business suits driving BMW's and the local construction crew workers.

I ran myself ragged doing that job. It was one of the most disgusting things I've ever done (and a huge reason I rarely eat out anymore). I've peddled more "wet" wings, dry wings, blue cheese and my personal favorite "ranch" dressing to last a lifetime. Let me tell you, some people will eat a tire if they can coat it in ranch dressing. I still cringe when I picture the face of some man eating wet hot wings with ranch dabbed on the corners of his mouth and speaking with his mouth partially full as he flags me down, "can I get another side of ranch?" Nasty.

I have a huge respect for those that serve others. It takes patience, nerves of steel and dedication. The next time you go out to eat, please tip and tip generously. These people don't choose to serve food and beverages to you because they are just so damned lucky. They deserve your respect and therefore your tip.

Keep this in mind, every time you stiff your server, a kitten drops dead. So save the kittens.

I also wanted to pass along this particular blog written by Lobster Boy. I've met women just like the one he posts about in person. Don't ever allow yourself to stoop this low. She should be ashamed but it's obvious she has zero self respect.
** I just had to add this as well. Not tipping well for a bad server is acceptable. Someone who doesn't work well with/around people should pick a different profession. I've met many and if you can't take it, don't serve.
** Note the highlighted well above. Even crappy service warrants a tip generally. If you have service that is bad enough you don't even want to leave change off the dollar, please talk to a manager.