Thursday, September 27, 2007

Out of the mouth of babes

Backstory: My Mom's sister (aka my aunt) moved in with my Mother and Father a couple of months ago until she got back on her feet (this isn't the first time). My daughter recently went to spend the night with her Grandma. This conversation took place a few days after.

Arwen. "You know that lady that is staying with Gran?"

Me: "Yes, that's your Aunt. She lives with Gran and Poppie."

Arwen: "No she doesn't."

Me: "Yes she does sweetie, you saw her there."

Arwen (getting irritated): "No she doesn't! She has her own house, we just have to put her up from time to time!"

Me: "....."

Where do they come up with it? I'm standing by my original theory that she overheard my Dad talking about this to a buddy.


Sihaya said...

as mortifying as it can be, I love it when kids just say the first thing that pops into their heads.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what kids repeat that their parents think they don't hear. I get the kids at my job that use more foul language than sailors, and their parents think it's cute! I have to say that I do love kids. I don't have any, but i see my God-Daughter all the time, and Adrianna is the most adorable child I've ever seen

I told a kid (about 4-5 years old) to stop running in the game room of my job, and was told "F*&^ YOU!"
I told the parents, and they just laughed, and told me I shouldn't have been telling their child what to do.

Moral of the story: Lots of parents are just glad their kids are talking, regardless of what comes out.


Jaime said...

Ribeye! lol I love your blog, thank you for stopping by!

I hate parents like the ones you are describing. They raise monsters then complain later in life when their children are in correctional facilities.

I'm sure you gathered this already but I do not condone, nor allow that kind of behavior in my house, out in public or in general. Children do misbehave and have their "bad" days and I understand that. But I expect them to control themselves.

And by the way, I've taken my oldest child out to a quality resturant one time, she is 5 and behaved just as I expected. Had she not I'd have gotten the food to go and left. I wish other parents would do the same.