Friday, September 28, 2007

Grossed Out

As an extension of the POST below:
The picture above is only a smidgen of what I dealt with personally. The person who snapped this shot obviously cared about keeping it somewhat clean. That or he wanted a good shot of the deep fried artery blockers he just ingested. But I digress, back on topic.
Just imagine outside of the camera frame...chicken bones sticking out of the ranch cups, on the floor, in the seats. Cigarette butts snuffed in plates and napkins soaked in ranch and hot sauce, left sitting atop plates and thereby absorbing even more nasty liquid into it.
Better yet, imagine all of that with a huge obese man sitting in the middle, across from his obese girlfriend, both chewing down on a wing bone, with ranch on the corners of their mouth, making strange slurping sounds...and, if you just wait for it...they will lick each and every finger. But even then, it's still not over! Listen closely enough and you'll hear the "pop"ing sound of each finger being sucked clean. (I cringed inwardly while writing that part) I should also mention they are working on their 7th basket of "All you can eat" wings that come in batches of 8 at a time.
Ever since those days, anytime I see ranch or blue cheese (or even wings for the most part, buffalo style) I feel dirty all over and immediately want a shower.
So, as a way of showing your appreciation to others who will carry the permanent mental scars like I do, directly associated to what I witnessed as a server, tip your wait staff.