Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It begins...

My daughter has found her "attitude". I've been told by others facing the same problem in the past "you just wait, you'll see". I always smiled and gave a laugh while thinking to myself "that will never happen to me, my daughter is an angel". Well let me tell you, I was delusional, I now see the light.

Arwen has always been a tomboy. I figured that would keep her pretty down to earth. I mean how prissy and bossy can you be while looking around outside for bugs? She began getting the 'tude a few months ago. I'd blindly hoped it was due to her not being a morning person (like her role model Mom here) and we could share our spiteful nature in the morning (and hopefully not kill one another as the years progress) but alas it is just not so. She is sour and ugly the entire day. Morning is just another time to get down right pissy.

I've taken away privledges, threatened and sent to her room, hell I've even spanked. Nothing works. She cries and screams (sometimes in a fine display of control she will throw herself in the floor, it's a sight) and when done returns to do the exact same thing that got her into trouble in the first place.

A part of me wonders if this is my punishment. I've been judgemental in the past when seeing absolute terrors in public with their parents and thought, "not me" or "why don't they bust that butt?" I realize now how stupid that thinking is. Some kids don't "get it" no matter what you do. Or maybe it's just us select few unfortunate parents that judged in the past that are getting a wake up call from the guy upstairs.
No blog would be complete without a "story" to explain just how bad the situation in question is. So here you go:
Yesterday I get a sitter and leave an hour before Arwen is due to be released from school. I get there first and am so excited to be first in line to pick up my little girl. When school releases it takes a bit to finally get her (that is another story for another day) and when she sees me she starts throwing an absolute fit "I'm thirsty!!!!!!!!!" I tell her to please calm down and try to keep my own cool while also watching my child throw a tantrum in front of other parents. I get her into the car and drive to McD's to get the child a sprite. During this time she has calmed (or else no sprite for her, no way) but as soon as she gets a draft of that frosty beverage up she starts again. "I don't like my teacher, she is mean! I don't like my hair, you did it wrong!!" get the point. I warn her repeatedly, "Arwen, if you don't stop, you're going to your room when we get home". Nothing works.
Finally we reach the road that leads to our home and she starts yet again. I tell her this time "either you stop right now or I'm pulling over and you're getting a spanking". She replies, "no you won't".
Needless to say, I pulled the car over, walked around the car, opened her door and gave a firm slap toward her leg. Sadly I smacked the seat belt clasp instead but I'd proven my point. She stared at me as if to say "wow! she actually DID pull over".
Then I leaned close and whispered "next time I'm pulling YOU out of the car". I stood and put my hair back into place before turning around to see some person standing on their porch. I kept my head held high and walked back to the drivers side to slide into the car again. (I still have my pride damn it!)