Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Haircut, rubbernecking and a Meth Lab

All the way back in March I got a gift certificate to have my hair cut and colored. I planned to use it before Annabel's arrival but with all things considered, it just didn't happen. In the meantime my hair has gotten way out of hand. For one thing, it's long and I mean long. For another, the color is a bit off. The ends are still dark from the color demi permanent I had last year. But enough about my hair.
My sitter arrives and I make my way down these farmer Joe back roads I know so well. Rounding the curve and flipping my turn signal, I was shocked to see sheriff and police cars galore. Some were pulled into the driveway of the little white house I see each time I make a trip into town. Others were pulled along the road. I'd say there were maybe 5 cars in all. I managed not to rubberneck (ok I did rubberneck but not THAT bad) and went to my appointment.
Lo an behold, upon driving back to my home the house was infested with people. We're talking the fire department, sheriffs department, police, news, hemsi, etc. The yard was full and my lane was totally blocked at this point. I slowed down to make my way past and see an SUV oncoming. I stopped and waited to merge into the other lane (after huge SUV made way) and to my amusement it appeared SUV driver is a true rubberneck. When he saw my van waiting he waved me on by as he pulled into the grass. Talk about someone really wanting the "whole" show. But I digress.
I took a look at the action, slowly accelerated and went about my business. I stored what I had seen in the back of my mind as a reminder to make sure to watch the local news this evening. But when hubs got home I decided to check the news channel online. I figured why not since I'm so tired I might not even make it to 10pm to see it. A few clicks here and there and bada-bing!, pay dirt.
It appears that two men decided to knock off a radio station and steal some copper. Things went awry when someone busted them in the middle of their copper shopping bonanza and they ran, shooting at this person that interrupted them and then bashing into his vehicle with their own until they made a speedy getaway. Too bad for them a piece of paper flied out the window and led the police straight to a house. A little white house that is located directly down the road from me.
Police arrive at the home and surprise! they found out what the copper was for. It appears these fine upstanding citizens were producing some crystal meth. Not only that but a child lived in the house. The police sent in back up and the house has been surrounded ever since. (to clarify, I'm not sure if a child was inside the house at the time but there was a sheriffs moving van being loaded up as I drove by.)
Some things never fail to amaze me. At least the child was saved from a potentially fatal home life. Can you believe it? A meth lab right down the road. I certainly can't.
And the best part? The reminder that I live in redneckville. The anchorwoman (I call them news ladies) was so classy while giving her report. And I quote:
"the police say the men who have been hiding in these woods are definately high on drugs, because they were running like they had super powers but not supervision because the deputies I talked with say one of the men almost ran into a tree."
Only in redneckville folks!


Kristin said...

That has to be one of the funnies news quotes I've ever read. Super powers? Priceless!

Jaime said...

Hey ;)

Thanks for adding me as a link to your blog!!

This entire incident was crazy, it was all over the news this morning. At least they had another person doing the reporting.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are in the process of buying a home and a good 85% of the homes we looked at had the central heating/cooling units stolen. Thieves steal them for the copper and if they suspect copper piping, will climb under the home and rip it out. Any copper wires in outisde storage sheds are also fair game. Apparently these people make huge money stealing and reselling copper.