Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where's the energy??

Have you ever had days when the most simple of tasks drained the life out of you and left you sitting on the floor thinking to yourself, "god I'm so out of shape?!" Well I have and it's been ongoing the last few days. It doesn't matter if I'm walking up the stairs, cleaning, or doing laundry. My energy level has plummeted.

I had Jimbo bring in my stair climber and I attempted to use it 3 times yesterday. But each time I was interrupted and I'm the type of person I have to get into a "zone" to work out. The music has to be there, the motivation has to be there and I have to have zero interruptions. It was so frustrating because I was actually looking forward to a nice 15 minutes of aerobics on the climber followed by an easy set of arm work (with my measly 5 pound weights).

I'm hoping to begin working out each evening after the children go to bed. I figure 3-4 days a week, starting at 10-15 minutes on the climber (working up to an endurance of 30-45 minutes) followed by some mild to moderate stretching and weights. I also want to throw in a little bit of bootie exercise into the routine.

I hope once I start my energy will rise. If not, I'll end up a couch potato who's house is an abyss of filth and nastiness.