Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Have I told you lately...

Today my husband called and I was instantly suspicious.

Jim: "Baby, have I ever told you how glad I am that you are in my life?"

Me: "Oh shit, what's wrong?"

Jim: "Does something have to be wrong for me to call and tell you I love you?"

Me: "No but I know you hun, go ahead."

He told me he'd ran to Office Depot to look for an organizer during his lunch break. He noticed someone he thought he knew and when he realized it was indeed his old girlfriend he attempted to duck behind the nearest aisle. But she saw him anyhow and walked up to strike up a conversation.

They talked about their lives now, how long it's been, the usual things. But the thing that Jimbo said that amazed him was "nothing was there, nothing at all" anymore. Now, I could be the jealous bitch wife and say, "well there'd better NOT be anything there!" but I realize the human heart doesn't always function in the most rational of ways. He said instead he realized how happy he is and how happy I've made him.

On a side note, while I appreciate his honesty and I'm glad he had that moment of clarity, discovering she'd asked for his phone number to "catch up" didn't sit so well with me.

Ok so maybe I am a jealous bitch of a wife, so sue me.


Lawfrog said...

You're not a jealous bitch of a wife, the ex-gf is the bitch for asking for his number. That is WAY not right. If he was still single, that would be one thing, but married with kids? No way! She is crossing a boundary there big time.