Saturday, July 12, 2008

What if I said NO?

The one thing Jimbo and I do most as a couple is watch movies. It's something that doesn't take too much time, isn't that expensive (if we eat here first) and it allows us a reprieve from the kids. We enjoy our movies very much.

So yesterday afternoon we decided to see Hellboy II. My Mom (in law) said she'd watch the kids and we headed out for the 5:00pm show. As is usual for us we arrived 30 minutes early, picked our seats and waited.

Without fail, a group walked in a couple of minutes as previews were starting up. One sat directly next to me (instead of finding seats in the mostly empty auditorium) and I look at Jimbo and roll my eyes as this has happened more times than I'd care to remember. Suddenly one of the men looks at me and says:

"Hey, could ya'll scoot down a seat?"

I sat there for a moment and considered how to answer because I didn't want to move for these assholes. I'd gotten to the movie early to pick out my seats and while it's not a big deal to move over it's just the principal of the matter. The theater was practically empty, there was no shortage of places to sit. Who in the hell do people think they are nowadays?

I looked at him and finally said "fine" and moved down before adding "it doesn't matter we got here 30 minutes before you to sit here, whatever you need man, I live to serve".

But it gets better.

Why oh why do people think they need to replay each moment on the screen to their nearby companions. Do they think everyone needs a play by play or a "hot damn!" or "Oh my god" or "did you see that" or "oh shit!" get my drift. These morons talked the entire duration of the movie, filling in everyone within earshot about the previous film, the powers of each character and so on.

I enjoyed Hellboy II but it was definitely dampered by these fools. I'm going to start telling people like this to shut the fuck up and to hell with the consequences.


Lawfrog said...

People who talk during movies/tv shows make me want to commit homicide. Seriously, it's a good thing we're not generally allowed to carry around axes and such because I really could just hatchet people to death who can't shut up.

Ok, so maybe that's a bit harsh, but really, with how expensive movies are and how much work (babysitters and such) it can take to go see one, people really should understand that they need to shut their traps.

Katherine said...

You are much nicer than I am! I would have said no, especially if there were plenty of other places to sit.

People who talk in grown-up movies get a glance, then a shh! then I go get some one. Movies are $10.50 a ticket, and I'm not paying to listen to your conversation. If I want to hear people talk over movies, I'll watch Mystery Science Theater.

Now we went to see Wall-e with Aurora yesterday, and there were a lot of kids talking. My feeling on that is that when you go see a kids movie at 2:30pm, you have to expect some talking. I did have to glance at the lady behind us, because her kids were kicking our seats.

Thankfully, the theater we go to is good about kicking people out if they won't shut up/get off their phone/take their screaming child out. I think that's why everyone's fairly well behaved.

Jaime said...

Hey Lawfrog and Katherine,

The hatchet idea is right up my alley!

As for Wall E. We took the kids to see it and there was talking but, for me, it's a movie intended for children. We went during the day, when kids would be out and therefore I totally expected it. In fact, as much as I tried to "shhh" my own kids this was Logan's first movie and he got really excited. The first time Wall E popped on the screen he exclaimed: "It's WALL E!!!!" LOL

But when it comes to adult movies I'm not as easy going about it and lately it's gotten so terrible at the Rave Motion Picture I frequent that I'm considering the drive across town to the new one. Rave used to be good but they don't have staff walk inside to check up on people anymore, cell phones are always on and people are always gabbing. It ruins the entire experience and like you said, I don't pay 10-12 bucks a movie to listen to someone else's commentary.