Thursday, July 17, 2008

Only 10 minutes to Nap Time

With the summer full on here there is one phrase I find myself saying/yelling/screaming over and over again.

"I am only ONE person!"

Each morning starts off pretty good (unless it was another repeat of sleeping on the couch as now Annabel cries for me whenever she wakes at night and smells me). I get up, make drinks, get coffee,and settle down with the kids to attempt to rouse myself. Normally this serene scene lasts a total of 5 minutes, usually less, when it starts.

What is "it" you ask? It is the different commands/requests/demands I hear from this moment in the morning until I put my bundles of sunshine and joy into bed each night. The requests range from the obvious, "Poopie da pottie Mommy!" to the annoying, "more drink please!" But the worst part is when I receive requests from not one, not two, but all of my children followed by crying from the baby who either wants to be held or fed herself.

When they all start up my teeth grit together and my brain struggles to decide which request deserves to be seen to first. Of course bodily functions are a no-brainer but what about changing the TV, making a snack or drink or dragging out a particular toy. And believe me, this goes on all day long. The only time I receive a reprieve is when they all settle in to take a nap.

Did I mention that nap times are the best part of my day? I live for nap time.


Lawfrog said...

Might I suggest you implement oh...maybe 10 nap times a day? LOL!;)