Friday, July 11, 2008

Amanda Peet is a Moron

Don't you love it when people make a blanket statement and come out looking like the biggest moron?

Recently Amanda Peet spoke out in favor of childhood vaccinations. She worries about not eating organic, giving her tiny daughter medicines and doesn't even like to use sunscreen on her delicate skin. But a talk with pediatrician's put her mind right at ease about vaccinations, so much so she's becoming a spokesperson for the cause.

Reading the article it's hard not to notice the stab made directly at Jenny McCarthy and I'm sure it's an easy jab to make. You see, Ms. Peet is blessed with a perfectly healthy baby girl who doesn't display any signs of autism. I'm sure that's a huge boost of security that gives her the courage to call parents of autistic children "parasites" for choosing not to vaccinate.

I vaccinated all of my children faithfully, I made each appointment. I thought it was the right and responsible thing to do. Then one day my little boy wasn't my little boy anymore. Instead this shell was left behind and our lives were turned upside down. I'll never forget hearing those words: "we think Logan has autism".

After that day we approached everything differently when it came to our children. Right now we are hesitant to adhere to the guidelines of vaccination which overwhelm little system's of those who needs us to protect them most. Instead we have researched and discovered safety in spacing out vaccinations and most importantly, speaking out and speaking up for yourself and your child.

I have to say, Ms. Peet has a serious case of diarrhea mouth that could very well backfire in her face soon. I'm not sure if she's aware but many parents (including Jenny McCarthy and myself) are not anti-vaccine. Rather they are advocating spacing out vaccinations, removing the harmful toxins within each syringe that is injected into such tiny little bodies and ultimately making it safer and healthier for our children.

What's so wrong with that??


Kristin said...

Oh, for Christ's sake. I'm glad the mindless lemming thinks I'm a parasite. Maybe if something tragic happened to her child, she would actually think for herself for once instead of being the stupid sheep that she is.

We are SO FREAKING FORTUNATE that Logan's reactions didn't cause him long lasting harm (that we can tell) or even worse, death.

Obviously crap like this gets me worked up & we're not even dealing with the challenges that families with autistic children deal with.

Lawfrog said...

What is it with people wanting to judge the lives of others? Amanda Peet has no idea what it is to live with a child who has autism. It would be quite a bit of karma if her own child ended up with autism. Not that I would wish that on anyone, but I think people need to understand that wanting to space out vaccines and know what is in those vaccines is perfectly reasonable and intelligent.

The Myers Family said...

I haven't read your blog in a while...sheesh i'm way behind. I've left a comment..but it was MONTHS ago. Anyway, my children don't have autism..but i have to tell you, my dr. just told me the other day they are trying to have all a childs vaccinations done by age TWO! That scared me! I'm not sure what the purpose is, in doing them earlier and earlier on children. So, in all reality, what my dr. told me..was that when WE were young, we got shots till we were about 11. NOW, all shots are done by age two..the purpose is so they don't remember and aren't so scrared. WHAT?? That was the stupidest thing i have ever heard. When they first came out with the hep a vaccine my daughter got her first at 2 and then another one a year later(maybe). Now my twins, already have had the shot...and have the last hep a at 2! It's so scary!

BTW, i love your abc you mind if i copy and paste and do my own? I think it's really cute. I won't copy or paste until you leave me a comment that says it ok?

Also, i remember your post a while back about catholic schools..i wanted to say we just put our almost 4 year old in pre-k this upcoming year...OMG, i can't believe all the crap you have to go through, all the volunteer work you have to do, and then on top of that you have to sign a form that says you'll collect 300 dollars for some school raffels...i can't wait to move to the burbs where i can put my children in public schools and not deal with all this bs!

Have a great week!

Missi H. said...

Hi, I am new to the blog. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on that article. I have an autistic son age 6. We started losing him after his last set of shots as a baby, the mmr. Life is very challanging at times for us, and my main focus is on keeping my child functioning. It is so great to know there are suppotive people out there. Thanks again.