Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sales Person?

Ok this was just plain weird. I'm sitting down after putting Annabel, Logan and Vincent to nap. I'm breathing a sigh of relief and DING DONG! The doorbell rings. Now, after my run in with DHR courtesy of my deranged drunken Aunt, each time I hear that noise my heart begins to pound and I start to freak. I hurried upstairs and through the window I saw this young lady with a bag and clip board. I had an "oh shit" moment before I composed myself to answer.

She told me she was a foreign student here in the USA trying to do a study on parents, children and schools in the area (and her English while superb was definitely accented). She was very friendly and warm and tried to talk to me outside in the blazing sun. After a few minutes I invited her inside and she was very cordial, took her shoes off at the door and sat down. At first I answered her questions about the things we do with the kids during the summer but I noticed she wasn't jotting it down. In fact, she kept asking the same things: "so what do you do? What activities"? It slowly became evident what she was up to...

She was a solicitor, or at least I think she was. She asked if it were possible to return to speak to both myself and my husband about the book programs parents can use for their children and after attempting to tell her numerous times Jimbo wouldn't been too keen on that she finally accepted defeat. She turned instead and asked me about the other parents and children on our street and I told her I honestly had no clue about them as we keep pretty much to ourselves.

As she got up to leave she turned to me and said, "I'm sorry but I forgot my lunch at home, do you perhaps have an apple or a granola bar?" I hurried into the kitchen and grabbed an apple before washing it off and handing it to her. She was very gracious and thanked me before leaving.

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Was she a down on her luck solicitor without food? Was she some kind of weirdo? Or was she exactly what she said she was, a college student who got money from selling so many of those programs a month?


Susan said...

I had a young woman come to the door about 2 summers ago who gave me the same spiel. Foreign student trying to sell children's books. She did not ask for any food and I think I got rid of her quickly but there must be some kind of company and/or known scam that leads these kids to do this. She seemed to be Scandinavian.

Lawfrog said...

Wow, that is really weird. It was good of you to give her an apple, but odd of her to even ask.

Erin said...

That's so odd...esp. that she asked for food. Too weird. Usually the ones that come around here are selling magazines. They're always "reformed youth" or whatever and I feel bad when they tell me their sob story about how they have a kid and are trying to go to school and turn their life I order the stupid magazine and then turn around and cancel the order and have to wait months for my refund. I hate door to door solicitors!