Monday, July 28, 2008

Internet Woes and Sloppy Children = Annoyed Mommy

I have had it with this PC. It's the biggest piece of junk and I solemnly swear to all you fellow bloggers as soon as I replace this P.O.S. (read between the lines, its rhymes with Please Don't Hit) I'm taking this hard drive out into the drive way and having a good old time, Office Space style. Right now I cannot access my email without it crashing. It lets me read the email but when I begin to create mail or attempt to send it out...well it just locks up and I have to reboot.

So to my fellow blogger who emailed me, I will write back, please bear with me.

Now to the children - and my intense desire to rip each individual hair out of my head by the roots.

My days have stared off badly due to simple sleeping arrangements aka my sleeping on the couch. Annabel simply will not sleep through the night when I am in the room and right now, I cannot place her with Arwen because I'd never get any sleep at all (Arwen is a night owl that won't go to bed, we are working to resolve that issue too, just one of many).

So I wake up less than refreshed and usually pretty cranky, then I deal with these gems that make me want to take a nose dive off the Mommy train.

Arwen - staying up all night (waiting until we are in bed to get up and play). She's been waking up later and later, until the final straw came Saturday. She normally plays in her room and we'd noticed she was unusually quiet, not even getting up for any cereal. I guess she must have been up all night because when I went to check on her, she was still 1pm in the afternoon. Since then she's been given an early 6:30am wake up each and everyday.

Vincent - still refuses to potty train and is having severe temperamental issues. He thrashes and throws himself around, not pretty.

Logan - is finally potty trained but hasn't figured out the concept of how to put his clothing back on. I've tried and tried showing him how it works and unless he keeps his shorts on when he potties I'm running up the stairs to help him dress. There is nothing better than when I've just sat down to eat and I have to stand up to go wipe a rear, maybe that would explain my lack of appetite.

Then there is the collaborative effort by all of them to make the biggest messes the world has ever known. They remind me of tornado's touching down in my house that leave debris all over the place. At first I would pick the messes up, having them help. But recently it's become constant and I'm always picking up something.

Then today the boys woke early from their nap while I was cleaning the basement. I heard a boom and went upstairs (got to love the "boom" that signals trouble) and I found all of them, in Arwen's closet, her clothes all over the floor.

I don't know how I managed not to lose my shit. Instead I calmly told Arwen she has two options. She can clean her room and rehang her clothes OR I could take them to goodwill and she could get by this first semester in her old stuff.

I'm reaching a breaking point with my children and their total lack of respect for their belongings. I shoulder a huge portion of the blame. If I hadn't bought so much junk that they honestly don't need, I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning it now.

If this keeps up, I am cleaning house and throwing everything I see into the trashcan.