Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy in Alabama

First, the news story that inspired the entry HERE. Preacher's wife found dead in freezer, never reported missing, body has been there 3 years.

I know sickos roam all across the USA but we have our share here. This story reminded me of something that happened years ago when I was just a child.

One day we'd went yard selling, pulling through the back of the trailer park. I was in my Momaw's maroon Chrysler and we rounded the hill when I saw the police, ambulance crews and cadaver dogs. Back then the news crews weren't tipped off early on so they hadn't arrived.

As we drove by, my child's mind thought it saw an arm leaned against a tree, near the ground. Of course, I told myself it wasn't what I thought it was and we drove by to Momaw's house.

I would discover later it was indeed an arm I saw as the man who lived in the house with his wife and children got pissed, killed her in the trailer and then cut her up, burying her under the new porch and then painted the sucker red to cover the stains. She was reported missing by him - he claimed she had skipped town and the smell (and obvious freshly painted porch) led police to her body.

Crazies in Alabama - the not so nice place to live when your husband is a psycho.


Tania said...

Awesome. Do you think that craziness has leaked into Georgia, because I might have to live there for 6 months! Then again, I don't have a crazy husband. Glad to have you back!

Lawfrog said...

My husband is sometimes crazy, but not psychotic, which I guess is a good thing because we have our share of weirdos in Houston too.

Lawfrog said...

Oh and I love the fact that the guy's name is Anthony Hopkins. The actor must not be happy about that...although he did do a wonderful job of playing Hannibal Lector.