Thursday, July 10, 2008

AT&T Warranty My Ass

So, for Christmas my husband decided he wanted a Blackberry. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea but eventually figured if that is what he wanted then that is what he'd get. We purchased a refurbished phone through AT&T who Jim's Mom has a plan with (he shares a plan with her as they don't use a lot of minutes) with a 1 year warranty...

A few days ago Jimbo told me his phone wouldn't charge. Upon inspection the little power hook-up area had a tiny little nodule missing. We dropped by the store after a trip into town and were given a phone number to call since we had a warranty and were assured they would send out a replacement phone asap.

Well, that was some nice smoke they blew up our asses. The defect is considered a "physical" one and therefore doesn't qualify for a warranty. Instead our only option is to buy another phone all together. Jimbo argued with them but they refused to sway on the issue.

"You can buy another phone or renew your contract and get a discount".

I'm so steamed that I manged to talk Jimbo into leaving AT&T wireless and heading on over to Verizon with me. Now I'm faced with a minor decision. Do I contact AT&T and rub it into their faces that I've converted their once customer to my own phone provider since he received shitty service and warranties? Or do I just have him cancel the plan and move over being the bigger person about all of this?

I think I'm going to call. That phone wasn't cheap and it didn't even last 7 months. And what's worse? The phone is in perfect condition other than you can't recharge it. Talk about a waste!


Lawfrog said...

Definitely call! Let them know you are leaving because of their craptastic customer non-service. You'd be surprised how much that can whip someone into action!

The Myers Family said...

I'd call. When my hubby bought his they said no warranties(PERIOD). I think b/c the phones are so expensive...

I Accidentally put my hubbies in the clothes washer 4 days ago and ruined it...won't budge on warranty..nothing. We can buy a new one for 400! YIKES! I made him go to walmart and get a 15.00 phone and wait till my contract on my phone is up and he can THEN get a blackberry for 100.00 or close to that. I think all the policies on these phones are so ridiculous!

Totally call and rub it in their nose! BUT, don't think they'll care..they are the big they won't care..they're getting paid minumum wage to answer your calls and could care less! I found yelling at people just doesn't work anymore!