Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Since Tania posted, I think it's safe to review why I disliked the book so much. Warning, it does contain spoilers!!!

Initially, I thought I'd enjoy the read very much. The wedding scene is sweet, still in tune with the previous novels. They go onto their honeymoon, still the same. I expected any type of love scene to be faded to black so that didn't bother me. But I noticed immediately in the concerns of bruises from their love making her talk of "hunger" and "fatigue". Oh no, I said to myself. Please god don't go there with this book. Don't make it a cliche...and then it happened and I boarded the Breaking Dawn express train to hell.

There are several things I dislike about the book. The major problem being it's not written the same, doesn't feel the same and doesn't treat the characters the same as it's
predecessors. Jasper gets a new nickname, as does Rosalie. You never hear anything from the Cullen's other than random observations or chuckles. There are no believable romantic elements between the protagonists (endless "talks" of sex is not romance) and the story warped after the birth, switching to a Mary Jane-esk scifi/paranormal story I couldn't believe I was reading.

There were the plot holes (how did she get pregnant? and how did Alice know exactly where to find more of Renesmee's kind?), lazy writing (why didn't Carlisle just insert that blood into her started IV?), and various other things a person thinks of after they've closed the book.

The baby was an easy way to zip this book up. It gave Stephenie the chance to end the book neatly.

Nessie - Bella has to be transformed by Edward, he can't cop out or she will die.
Nessie - Her pregnancy forces Jacob to break from his pack so he can be around to tell his
portion of the story.
Nessie - Imprints with Jacob - neatly finishing out his story.
Nessie - Threatens the Volturi - got to have angst, even if nothing comes from it.

And that's what it all comes back to, convenience. Because after all is said and done, we never even get a bitch slap. Instead Bella throws out her super "love" shield and saves the day. Everyone goes home happy, Huzzah!!

I have to ask, where the hell was that "love shield" on their honeymoon, it might have saved the series! LOL


Tania said...

This is going to be a long one!

I noticed a lot of the same things. The new nicknames didn't bother me...I just thought they were brought out now that Bella was a part of the family and living there now.

I had a question too about anatomy and how Edward was able to get Bella pregnant (I thought he no longer had blood and his heart isn't supposed to be beating so how is sex as we know it even a possibilty?)

As for Bella having to drink blood while she was pregnant, I didn't understand either why they wouldn't just put it in the IV, but then it would be mixing with her own blood and why didn't the baby just take her blood if that were the case?

I was upset like you were that she ended up pregnant. I didn't even see it coming! I thought the hunger and fatigue were a result of the sex! I didn't want the transformation to happen that way. To be honest, I wanted more about Bella and Edward's relationship while she was still human. The only saving grace for this plot was that I want to be pregnant so that warmed me up a little!

The story was very rushed and ended to abruptly, and too easily. I was hoping for a glimmer of a fight with the Volturi. Oh and I knew Jacob would imprint on Reneesme (stupid name, I agree)!