Friday, August 22, 2008

Bright side of Life

I know everyone has moments in their life when they think:

"Why me??"

My moments have been coming around more and more often, especially in recent weeks. It's been a battle to keep a positive outlook. There are days when I am too tired to get out of bed but I do because the world doesn't revolve around me. My days are tied in with 4 other little lives and that keeps me on track most of the time.

The thing is, I really believe that some higher power sends people your way when these moments in life happen. These people can be strangers, family or someone you've met through an online venue such as a blog. And they have the ability to transcend the worries and chaos and bring a balance to your outlook.

So to my special person, thank you for lending your ear and thank you for being such a wonderful, caring and amazing person. I don't think I'd have survived the week without you. Now if I could just find the time to call so we could actually speak for a while sans kids - then all would be totally right with the world.


Lawfrog said...

We've all been in a place where we need that special person and indeed, a higher power does deliver.:) I know I've benefited from someone helping me through the hard times and it's always an honor to get to be that person for someone else.

Spook, RN said...

My blog is my catharsis sometimes. Random people read my posts and drop comments. I follow on over to their blog/website and end up trading some comments back and forth.

Or, they don't have a blog/website but their comment totally makes my day :-)

I also visit a website geared towards nurses ( where I get to boast, whine, bitch, commiserate with a bunch of professionals who know "exactly" what I'm talking about.

It helps.

Have you looked for a similar community geared towards Moms/SAHMs? There's GOT to be some out there!

Wishing some peace your way Jamie.