Monday, August 11, 2008


Thanks Mom, I know I sound 'Rough'. Maybe it's because-

I've averaged 3-4 hours of interrupted sleep for the last year.

I've changed 2 craptastic diapers this morning already.

The children destroyed the playroom while I was changing Annabel's outfit, meaning I haven't even had my cup of coffee.

The bus didn't come for Arwen and I had to load all the kids up to take her to school.

I'm still working on sorting the clothes in the children's bedrooms but don't worry, it's only taken me a week, I'm almost there.

The bathrooms are nasty so I get to do hardcore scrubbing Cinderella style - that always brightens my day.

Oh and the kitchen needs mopping - why don't the birds, mice and shit help me out when I need them?

So yeah, I sound rough. You might not want to call back today, I can't say there will be much improvement. But thanks.


Lawfrog said...

Your mom ought to be glad you only sound rough rather than homicidal. 3-4 hours of interrupted sleep for a year would do me in, let alone everything else you're dealing with.


Spook, RN said...

3-4 hours of sleep a noc?!!

*Jaw drops*

Yikes! It sounds as bad as nursing school ('cept only that I didn't have kids and a spouse to worry about!!!!!!)

I've had worse in the Army (but then again, that was the Army!)

Jamie, if I 'ere in you're place, I'd probably run for the hills screaming.

I'm in awe!

Katherine said...

Something to cheer you up...
Sephora by OPI

I actually really liked Sephora's polish, especially that it was in little containers that I actually used all of before it went bad...

Tania said...

Aww poor Jaime! I would die if I got that much sleep in a night. You are one tough cookie, but I hope things get easier for you soon!