Monday, August 25, 2008

HIM - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart

I love this band and this just makes me teary eyed for some reason. Give it a listen.


Katherine said...

Jamie- This isn't related to this post, but do you have some links or places to look that I can share with my sister-in-law about the autism/vaccination link? I looked at your autism tag, and will forward her that, but I remember reading something (and I'm not sure it was your blog, maybe it was another one) about delaying vaccinations to lessen the autism risk, and not giving them all at once. Her baby is one month old, and she hadn't even heard about a link at all. I told her that she should really do some research so that she could make an informed decision before it's shot time. Her pediatrician did give her an option to delay some, so it doesn't seem that if she'd choose to delay that she'd have to fight the doctor too.

Thanks in advance!

Jaime said...

Absolutely, here are some resources:

The kids are sick so check back tomorrow but there is a very 'basic' starting point, I'll dig through and find the other links. I lost them in my bookmarks when my pc crashed.