Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I know the last few months I've neglected my blog as well as the blogs of all of you I adore. I apologize. It's not intentional, believe me. My self imposed internet hiatus is due in large part to necessity.

Annabel continues to be a huge problem. As much as I adore my baby girl I am still scraping by on 4 hours of sleep a night max (I get an additional 3-4 on Saturdays and Sundays when Jimbo allows me to sleep in, bless that man). So each new day I'm dragging even worse than the one before.

Logan has reverted to his "stimulus" behaviors. This means he'll be totally normal one minute and thrashing his head and arms around the next. This is a huge concern. Right now he's academically ready for kindergarten but if he disrupts the will cause problems. So we're working on that.

Vincent absolutely refuses to potty train. It's a nightmare and I'm so tired of cleaning doodie that could belong to an adult. So we're still trying to get that going.

And Arwen. She's been pretty good recently. Making A's on her tests, reading like a fiend (she's amazing, reading level 3 readers) and being good natured. Then the pesky critters from her school arrived and she's been in a funk. She doesn't understand why she can't hang all over the baby or her brothers. It's pretty sad to be truthful.

So to everyone - I Miss You! I've been catching up on all your old entries and when the kids settle I'll be sending out some emails (you know who you all are!)


Tania said...

Everything will get better eventually. I'm just sorry you're having such a tough time right now. And we all miss you too! Oh and you are welcome to my house anytime to enjoy some baked goodness! If plans go our way, we'll be in Augusta GA by next June, which, I believe, is closer to you!

Lawfrog said...

You're definitely missed! But it's completely understandable as to why you've been AWOL:)

Hope things are better with Arwen and the lice. I literally laughed out loud at the lice party comment. TOO FUNNY!!