Monday, September 29, 2008

Had to happen sooner or later...

Last week I noticed what I assumed was heat rash on Arwen's neck. As any of you that have read my blog know, she has ezcema and has break outs from time to time. No big deal, I put hydrocortisone on it and figured it would get better. This morning I got out the cream before she went to school and she started scratching her head, complaining it "itched". Do you see where I'm going with this??

So I put down the cream, started looking around in her hair and I saw what my dumb ass thought was fleas. We had the rabbit inside last night and I thought, it's just from the pet. Then I found another...and another... I called my Mom in panic, having zero clue what the nastiness was. A quick google search later confirmed what she thought. Our household has it's first case of Lice.

I'm trying the new Cetaphil treatment that's supposed to work wonders. I've yanked off the sheets and pillows and have bagged the stuffed animals. But here is what pisses me off. Being the concerned parent I am, I contacted her school. That is the right thing to do isn't it? Warn the other children and their parents that lice may have found it's way around the school. Well, it seems they "don't contact parents or do lice checks" anymore. They only check a child if a teacher has a concern and then they send him/her home.

If I get rid of this shit and she comes down with another case of it I'm going to personally go down there and shake her scalp out on the Principal.

*thus far the other kids have checked clean but bless them, I'm doing the cetaphil treatment on them too to be safe.


Lawfrog said...

So sorry you have to deal with this and WTF with that school?? My friend's little one had lice and the school said they would not accept her back in the school until she was free of it AND they did head checks with the kids in her class, etc.

Erin said...

OMG that totally sucks. I would freak if Hailey came home with lice (God help me because I know that day will probably come in her future). I remember that happening to me when I was little one time, waking up in the middle of the night with a HORRIBLE rash on my neck only to find out it was tons of bug bites from the lice. I hope you can get rid of all of them and that it doesn't spread to anybody else in the family! The schools around here still do head checks and send out notices to parents!! That's so weird about her school!