Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I never thought I'd hear...

Vincent and Logan : MOMMY! There's a french fry in the toilet!


Vincent and Logan: Bye bye, french fry!!

Seriously, I never thought I'd ever hear that.
As for the real world. My PC finally just went ka-plow and we had to order a new one. The one one arrived and I just have to get my email back up and running. I hope no one has emailed me and I've not responded, if so, you know why. Now I will be back to speed and blogging more often (2 weeks for an entry, blasphemy!!)

I survived fall break but I'm sure some new gray hair is forming under my impressive Feria dye job. I also found out my thyroid issues have returned. At first I thought I needed to lay off the food, but now I know no dieting in this world will help.

And to all you husbands out there (and wives too). If your spouse has snot spread across their shirts from your offspring, gaping at him/her with mouth wide isn't exactly helping. Just lift your jaw and curb your disgust and tell us "hey, you have snot all over you!" Then we can go change and not feel like a total douche when the FedEx guy arrives and stares like we're the most disgusting creature since Smeagol.

And finally, a picture of the baby girl. She's growing so fast!!


Lawfrog said...

Yes! Spouses should always tell you that you have snot on you, spinach in your teeths, your zipper is undone, etc.

Sorry about your computer:( I'm glad you've got a new one. Happy to see you back blogging. I missed your blogging!!

Tania said...

So cute! Look at those teeth!