Monday, March 30, 2009

The longest call...

Today I took life by the balls, calling up the counseling services provided by Jimbo's employer. It was one of the most difficult calls I've ever made, placing myself bare and raw across a phone line to someone I've never met and don't know.

The girl on the other end was very nice, listening attentively and taking down my information. She referred me to someone in my area and I had to make yet another call - this time leaving a message that I realize now was garbled and difficult to understand.

Hopefully the counselor managed to salvage my phone number from within the confines of the rambling message and will call me back to arrange an appointment.

On one hand, it's terrifying. On the other - it's one HELL of a relief.


Lawfrog said...

Good for you! This phone call is going to make things a lot easier in so many ways, I am sure of it. So proud of you!!

Kristin said...

I've made more than one of those garbled phone calls (usually sobbing phone calls) and they always seem to figure out what's going on (and call back right away).

Good luck & way to take a step forward for yourself!

Blessed said...

Hi Jamie--

I just checked out your blog for the first time yesterday and saw this post--and went back to read what had prompted the call. We don't know each other, but we share common ground--both our blogs are linked to "How Can I Keep From Singing." I don't even know why I chose your blog from Susan's list to peruse in a few minutes of downtime last night--except that it could be a touch of Providence. I too am a SAHM of 4, and have a long history of completely psycho mother relations, except it is my husband's mother. Yes, she has threatened to call Child Protective Services on me too. I just wanted to offer my sympathy, my prayers, and my ear. Seriously. If you ever want a stranger to vent to, who might be able to offer encouraging words and maybe--maybe--a little perspective and wisdom, please contact me. Just email or come on over to "O Blessed Day" and say hello and I will give you all my contact info.

And don't worry, I'm not a meddler, just an empathetic ear. Susan can vouch for me. : )

So there is your hug from a stranger for the day!


Blessed said...

And oh my gosh JAIME, what a way to introduce myself. I totally had checked the spelling of your name before I posted and then my fingers and brain forgot to check in with one another. So sorry!