Sunday, January 3, 2010


I had an epiphany whilst weaving through the hordes at Wal-Mart. But before I share, picture this...

Cart in grip and feet shuffling, I dodged the crowded aisle while making my selections and hoping for a short check out. Then it happened -- a crowded intersection between the children's clothes, cereal, and frozen freezer rack almost turned nasty. Seeing the accident waiting to happen, I hooked a quick left into the shoe department, rushed around the size 8 1/2 ladies pumps, and resumed my trek through the dairy department.

So, that light bulb moment I was telling you about? Well, folks, The Death Star isn't merely a cesspool of one stop shopping. No, no, and no. Now, it will forever and always remind me of... Pac Man.

Blinky, Pinkie, Inky, and Clyde = the shoppers, employees, children, and pallets destined to make you work. While the strawberry, banana, and cherry prizes are the sales that lure you into the pit of Hell in the first place.

I knew my stint as a reigning champ at the local skating ring would come in handy at some point in my life (still waiting for the fruits of my labor on Battle Axe). Please excuse me while I go call my father and inform him video games are in fact worth something.


Lawfrog said...

LAMO. This. Is. AWESOME!!! Love it.

Rae said...

love it! this must be why I hate stores like Target, Costco...(love the stuff and deals, hate the crowds)

Spook, RN said...

Heh! Cool story. Jamie you need to update/post more!

Trust this message finds you and the family doing "most excellent". Still livin' the exciting life of a SAHM? :-)

Office Space said...

awesome !!! wonderfull !!! loved it

Spook, RN said...

Hi Jaime!
What's cookin' the new year?? :-)

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