Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Space in the Middle

I've been a terrible blogger. I apologize. All I can offer as a weak defense is it's been crazy here, especially with the little bitty baby I've offered to help care for. I figured another little person in the mix wouldn't hurt...what was I smoking?

So now to the anomaly I was introduced to last night, something Jimbo assures me is completely normal behavior for guys.

Last night we went to see Underworld Rise of the Lycaon's (awesome by the way) and for the longest time we were all alone in the theater. About 10 minutes before it started three men come in together, stepping into the middle aisle to pick their seats. Since I was bored, I watched with a passing interest, frowning in confusion when they sat down with an empty seat left purposely between them.

At first I thought they must have girlfriends in the ladies room, but as time dragged on with no sign of their women, I knocked shoulder's with Jimbo and whispered "what's up with those guys and the empty seats?"

He grinned at the question and told me, "Men don't sit next to each other at the movies."

And what do you know, before the movie starts, another two men came in and did the same thing.

So what's up with this phenomenon? Are guys afraid if they sit next to another male in a darkened room they might somehow contract homosexuality? Or is it just an unwritten rule that I can't comprehend because I have different chromosomes?

I have to say, the best part of the night was when the trailer for this new flick called "I love you, Man" previewed. It's about a man that's getting married but has no guy friends and he has to start going on man date's to procure a best man. The portion of the trailer where one date leans in and gives Paul Rudd a little something extra at the end of the night was particularly excellent. I could see all of the men with seats spaced out squirming.

Space it out all you want hombre's. The movie screen will reveal your insecurities - every time!


Tania said...

What a coincidence that I just learned this very same thing just last week! Not by observation, but by my male co-worker telling me. Apparently it's some sort of law in dude world!